Speedway 51 is proud to announce that they have added a very unique class of racers to their racing program for 2019 named the Veteran Chargers. There has been a large amount of interest since last year’s racing event held at the Mike Beattie’s Blast From The Past II race that featured many old time racers getting back behind the wheel of a racecar for a 15 lap race. Old time stars such as Aaron Bennett, Mike Bennett, “The Blue Noodle” Tim Russell and others all participated in the fan friendly event. Since that time several other former racers have shown interest in putting something together for a few races at Speedway 51 in 2019.

So a new part time division has been formed. The Veteran Chargers will race a half dozen times during the season. The criteria and rules are listed below:


  1. This division is for retired drivers (male or female) that haven’t raced since 2005 or before, or someone that has never raced before and is at least 62 years of age.


  1. Eligible cars must follow the rules of either the Speedway 51 Street Stocks or Bone Stockers. You may have your own car or you may borrow one from a current racer.


  1. Veteran Chargers will race only a feature race on their scheduled nights.


  1. Veteran Chargers will race for trophies only. The top three in the race will each receive a trophy, and one to give the kids in the grandstands.


  1. Points will be kept and the top five competitors will be honored at the Annual Banquet of Champions. Trophies only.


  1. Firesuits, and racing gloves, are HIGHLY recommended but not mandatory. No short sleeve shirts or shorts allowed.


  1. Starting positions will be drawn for at each event. Promoter has the right to make a change in the starting lineup if it is in best interest of competition.


  1. This division is only for fun, and it will be treated as such. It will be run after Street Stock and Bone Stocker features so that there will be more cars available for racers.


  1. Contact Dick Therrien at 802-274-8823 or E-mail him at For Tech questions contact Bob Wright at 603-631-1833 or by E-mail at