Speedway 51 powered by the Autosaver Group is pleased to announce that they have come to an agreement with both parties in a protest of the Caron’s Fabrication Street Stock division championship. Both parties have agreed that it is in the best interest of everyone to settle the complaint in this manner.

The controversy arose on championship night at the high banked Speedway in Groveton, New Hampshire. Hardwick, Vermont’s Greg Adams held the point lead heading into the night’s activities. The only driver with a chance to catch Adams was St. Johnsbury native, Kasey Beattie. Adams had substitute driver Will Hennequin driving his car as Adams was away on vacation and couldn’t attend and opted to use the rule that allows a driver to use a substitute one time a year. Adams exercised the rule as he felt his lead was a comfortable one. In the qualifying round Beattie jumped out to a sizable lead, and Hennequin was stuck in the back of the pack and got tangled up with several other cars near the end of the race allowing Beattie to pick up four of the thirteen points he needed to win the championship. The feature race saw Beattie work his way to the front. As Beattie pulled away, Hennequin was in position to earn enough points to win the crown for Adams, when suddenly another competitor intentionally put Hennequin in the wall in turn four damaging the Adams car beyond repair, thus ending Adam’s championship hope. Therefore, Beattie won the race and edged out Adams by a mere two points.

A protest was filed by Adams and promoter Dick Therrien sat down with both parties, Beattie and Adams on Friday, November 2nd and brokered a deal which both parties graciously accepted. Beattie’s car owner, Chris Beattie, Kasey’s dad, and Adams both agreed that this was a fair way to decide the championship by crowning Co-Champions. After much deliberation both drivers agreed to share the 2018 title. The agreement was made to save both parties more heartache and aggravation, thus putting an end to the issue. Both drivers shook hands and left the meeting satisfied over the outcome.

The pair of drivers will receive equal point fund money, championship hardware and all the benefits that come with being a Track Champion. Both drivers will be honored as a champion at the Annual Banquet of Champions to be held at the Town & Country Inn & Resort in Gorham, New Hampshire on Saturday, November 17th. Tickets are still available by contacting Pam Dunkling at 802-279-1590.

For more information on Speedway 51 visit the website at www.speedway51int.com, or call the hotline at 802-266-0240. Speedway 51 powered by the Autosaver Group is located at 78 Craggy Road in Groveton, New Hampshire.