As many of you know, Speedway 51 has only scheduled Late Models for the 2019 Fall Brawl. However, we have had numerous requests from several Late Model teams to run a few races during the season. We have tried to run Late Models regularly in the past, but unfortunately the numbers fluctuate to a point where it is not affordable to run these cars weekly. We are willing to try to run a five race Series with the following restrictions:


  1. To make this work we must have a minimum of 15 ACT type Late Models registered for each event of the Series.
  2. You must pre-register for all five races in advance. Registration Fee is $250 or $50 per event if registered by January 15, 2019. This fee must be paid no later than January 15, 2019. We will make a decision as to run these races on January 19, 2019. If we do not have a minimum of 15 Late Model paid registrations, then the series will be cancelled and all registration money will be returned.
  3. Tire rule: You will be allowed to purchase 4 (4) tires for the first race and register 2 (2) used tires, and then 2 (2) new tires the next three races. The fifth race can be a 4 (4) tire buy. The cost for the new tires for the five race series will be 14 x $130 = $1,820. We offer good practice tires for free for you to use for spares if needed. There is a $20 per tire stamping fee to put in your inventory. Practice tires will be sold for $130 each, but may not be entered in your tire bank as spares unless they meet the used tire criteria set by the Speedway 51 tech team. YOU MUST RACE THE NEW TIRES YOU BUY ON RACE NIGHT! They will be marked pre-race.
  4. Race tires will be impounded until next race. The four tires you finished race on must be turned in and placed in storage until the next event. They may be mounted or dismounted. Numbers will be checked in as tires are sent to impound.  
  5. Any new team after first week may purchase two new tires and up to 4 used ones.
  6. There will be no championship point fund. The Series champion will be awarded the pole position for the Fall Brawl, the runner-up in Series points will start the Fall Brawl from the outside pole position and third place finisher will start third in Fall Brawl.

All races will be 75 laps and the championship will be 100 laps.


Printable 2019 Late Model Guidelines & Registration Form