This is a statement I hear all the time. Nobody’s got any money. They hate racing. Nobody will sponsor me! Well gang maybe it’s time to clean up your act and your approach a little. I have had the best off-season selling season ever for Speedway 51 for 2019 and there was plenty of money to go around. In this article I am going to give you a few do’s and don’ts about trying to find sponsorship.

#1 First thing you do is to identify potential sponsors by what their business and racing has in common and visit their business to see what’s on their shelves. Potential sponsorship could come from camping places, outdoors places, hunting and fishing stores, mini-marts, car dealerships, ATV dealers, etc. Sponsorship hunting takes work, and you better be prepared. Remember, a case of soda, couple bags of chips and a few sandwiches a week is a decent sponsorship deal because you’re going to need to eat, and this keeps your own money in your pocket.

#2 Always make sure you are cleaned up. Wear clothes that are clean, shirt must be a button down or Polo and must be tucked in. Make sure your hair is cut neatly, and make sure it’s not a grease pit.

#3 Always ask to see the manager or owner. You’re wasting your time if you talk to anyone else. When you first get to see the owner, politely introduce yourself and ask if he / she has a few minutes to talk about a way that you think could help their business grow. If they are busy try and schedule appointment. If you get the chance to sit down at that time you better be prepared with what you are gonna do and say. NEVER EVER START OUT BY SAYING WILL YOU SPONSOR MY RACECAR, OR IT’S TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!! You will have already blown it!! Always let them know that you are very knowledgeable about their business. Never say “Do you wanna sponsor my racecar?” Explain to the person how you can benefit their business. EXAMPLE: We are always very well prepared and we keep up the presentation of our car so your name stands out at all times. Our crew has team shirts with your business names on them. Your business name is on our hauler for great over the road exposure. We put our racecar in area parades. We participate in community events and put the car on display. We will display our racecar at your business during the season. We have a race team website and you will be listed as sponsor and linked to your website.

#4 Have your proposal ready for person to review. Include pictures of car, crew, trophies, etc. Include history, goals, where you are racing, and recent team information, and plans for the season. Go through the proposal calmly. Finally go over sponsorship options. Always offer three options which can be the Volkswagen, Cadillac and Ferrari. Each offer should have several goodies in them. The more the money requested, the more options. I always start with Ferrari first, then the Cadillac and finally the Volkswagen. Let the person see the value in each. Finally, ask if they have any questions, then let them speak. Be prepared to answer any questions and if you don’t know the answer let them know you will get right back to them with your answer. Do not say something that might not be right or may be out of your control. Let them know you’ll accept a monthly payment plan. That way you will always have some money throughout the season and it doesn’t break the bank. This allows owner to budget the program and it doesn’t look as expensive.


Good Luck!  Do it right and your new sponsor will be around for a long time. Take them pictures regularly. Bring them a pair of tickets periodically. Bring in a program to show them where you are in points. If you win a trophy, display it at their business for a while with a picture of you in victory lane.


These are pointers that can help get you sponsorship for your race team. I use them regularly, and they work!!


Dick Therrien


Marketing & Sales Manager

Speedway 51