After much deliberation and a lot of patience, Speedway 51 is pulling the plug on the Lady Angels division for the remainder of 2018 and possibly beyond. Due to the lack of participation it does not make economical sense to continue racing this division as a separate entity.

There have been only six drivers that have competed in 2018, and two of those have only run one qualifier and gathered just eight points on the season. One of the other drivers has competed only once, and one driver came to two events and ran two heats and one feature. Only Nicole Ouellette and Vanessa Brown Savage have been pretty much regular drivers.

Lady Angel drivers may compete with the White Mountains Community College Cyclones and will be paid for the position that they finish in the Cyclone feature out of the Cyclone purse. However the Lady Angels can still accumulate points for the season long championship battle. The highest finishing Angel receives first place Angel points and so on. If the numbers improve to a point where we have a minimum of six cars a night, we will reconsider our position.

Management thanks all Lady Angel competitors for their support!