Loads of exciting changes are happening at Speedway 51 in Groveton, New Hampshire in 2017, and two of the major changes include the additions of the all new Cyclone and Angel’s division to the tracks lineup.


            The White Mountains Community College Cyclones will return to the track after many years absence as a regular division. The Cyclones were known as the Northeast Cyclones traveling group in 2016. The brainchild of Jean Leblanc and Doug Shannon has now become a track division. The Cyclones originally were started many years ago by Dick Therrien. This basically bone stock class with very limited changes except for safety, is a great division to get your feet wet in the sport of auto racing. Cyclone cars are very affordable to build and maintain, and most if not all parts can be found in most junkyards. The affordability is what attracts so many people to this type of racing as well as the fact that Cyclones do not race every week.


            The Angels class will feed directly off the Cyclone division, as this Ladies class will be able to use the same cars on the same night as the Cyclones. This is great for family racing as they can share a car with each other and earn a few dollars. The Angels use to be a very exciting class to watch as drivers like the names of Jennie Dion, the Brown sisters, Traci Nelson and a host of others kept the crowd on the edge of their seat. Hopefully some of these historic names will return to racing in 2017.


            Right now final touches are being done on the regular race schedule, go-karts, and the car show schedule. The 2017 racing season gets underway on Saturday, May 6th at 6pm. Many sponsorship packages are available at various prices. Get your businesses on board for the 2017 race season. For more information on Speedway 51, or to inquire about the numerous packages that are being offered, contact Dick Therrien at 802-274-8823, or Jon Dunkling at 802-371-8132. See the entire schedule of events on our website, and for more information on this event and others, please visit our website at, or call the Track hotline at 802-479-2074. Speedway 51 is located on Craggy Road in Groveton, New Hampshire.